More About Me

welcome to my site, i hope you enjoy my work and if you have any questions or just want to send me an email or letter ... go for it!

the site itself has existed for probably two years but having a day job really got in the way of working on both the art to go on the site ... and the site itself. but for the moment at least i'm an unemployed "independent artist" so i finally had time to get this thing into some kind of shape for real public viewing.

while i've always made things, up until a few years ago most of those things were care packages for friends and family. i love a good mixed CD, and at some point i'll post the images i have of some of the ones i've made. and i hate sending a half empty box so i usually find a theme and fill up the box with whatever i meant to send and a bunch of little bits and pieces to go with it.

but after finally getting into the professional working world, and at an art and design university too ... I decided it was time to upgrade "maker of stuff" to Artist. while i haven't stopped making care packages and little presents for people. i've been trying to make more "conventional" work, while sticking to my interests for reclaimed materials and interesting creative constraints.

things i like:
Triangles, patterns, collage, painting with stuff that isn't paint, spray paint, mixing media, sewing, sewing on paper, codes and creative rules, making errors, sharpie markers, ripping up fancy magazines, long walks, construction sites

things i'm not that interested in: perfectionism, overly prescriptive styles, buying new things, throwing good materials away, cutting down trees, capatilsim

as my art career expands (fingers crossed) i hope to start working on more conceptual and large scale works. i also hope to collaborate with other artists, especially from my Queer community. I also have some projects that incorporate narratives into them that i hope to create bespoke self published editions of ... all in good time.