some shots from my "studio" for the three years I was in Philly ... by studio I mean the north wall of my bedroom


A Quilt

when i was in High School i was obsessed with fun patterned boxers ... i hung on to them for a long time after i stoped wearing them and eventually when i got a sewing machine i trimmed them down and sewed them together. the first iteration of this quilt was just a very non square twin size quilt. this the second iteration i used an old duvet as a backing. right now the main sheet of boxers is back by itself  ... waiting for another update


Camping is in Tents Vol. 1

my biggest project to date, while staying a residency (Arts, Letters, and Numbers in Albany, NY) i built on a series of projects based on blanket forts. constructing a tent out of old bedding, fabric scraps, and found materials i hosted a series of presentations and performances reflecting on the idea of boyhood and the overlaps of play and art. in addition to the structure itself i also produced a zine detailing the experiance.


In a similar vein of exploring ideas of boyhood and play are these fabric projects. on the left a flag for "The Order of the Crooked Arrow" a conceptual project centered around gay male sexuality and group building. on the right a jester's crown made from scraps of old clothes and in the center a side pocket i created for my backpack.

Return to Sender - 2012

Return to Sender - 2012

After finishing a graduate program at Kings College London I went on the best eurotrip my budget could afford. before leaving the university i took advantage of one of the library's large tables and laid out a bunch of the postcards from museums and art shows I had collected, i filled and connected the cards with simple line drawings with sharpie. over the course of my travels each day i would pick out one and random and color it in, sometimes in relation or response to where i was or what i saw that day. others just filled abstractedly in cafes and trains. then i would send them back to my home address.
only one was lost, by the Italian Post office. and putting them back together when i got home was quite a challenge.


The Maiden He Gather's His Crown

while at that arts residency near Albany. in addition to the work on The Tent and other projects i was developing a fantastical narrative to underpin some of the larger projects and more conceptual works i plan on undertaking. one of the characters in this narrative was a boy named The Maiden, using this as a way to explore traditionally girlish pursuits. one of the performance pieces i undertook was a long walk into the surounding areas in search of flowers to make into a flower crown. while i didn't record the performance in any significant way (i think there is a Facebook picture of me in the undried crown) i did save the dried crown and built an archival folder for it to send to a friend of mine with a degree in hortoculture

assorted other stuff i've made