- financial papers -


- certificate of completion I & II -

I was hoping my “professional” jobs would enable me to clear out my credit card debt … but it did leaver me with an interesting collection of materials, ribbon from graduation ceremonies at a university, a promotional poster on glossy silver paper, and all kinds of scraps of fabric and images. as i started assembling these two pieces i realized i was sort of making myself a diploma of sorts. the two pices even corresponded in ratio to my two credit cards. so the price of each piece is tied to one of the two cards, pay off the card and you get the piece


- blank check: prototype -

at the architecture firm i worked for, if you finished all the requirements and got your license while working there they gave you a bonus, and at a monthly meeting even handed over a ceremonial check. making these checks (and a lot of other materials at that office) left a lot of large scraps of paper. i’ve been using them to experiment with sewing the strips together making a found materials take on white paintings


pics of the paper i have saved for this project