- packing paper -


no mater where i’ve worked i’ve always seemed to be involved in the shipping and receiving parts of companies. and i love salvaging the various kinds of paper padding used. the patern left by the initial use leaves a mark on the pattern of lines and fills i add on top.


- index -


using the old index of a spiral bound London A-Z i made a pile of sheets ( # ) and marked the edges of all of them in four points on the short sides and 5 on the long. as i go through each sheet making different sets of the same lines allowing for singular works in the series up to multi page sets that can spread or stack.


- signage -


Once i’d decided to give my art practice a name i knew it needed a good sign … using the odd clipped corner cardboard inserts usually as part of book shipments i cut painted and stitched a graphic representation of the work i aim to make